With over 25 years experience in the Cast Stone industry, we boast the ability to provide you with the highest quality and the most unique artistic designs. Our experience includes the simplest to the most complex of Edificial finishes for both Residential and Commercial, Exterior and Interior structures. We can also fill your Landscaping and Aquatic needs.

You might think, based on our history and abilities, you'll pay the highest price for our services. Others will only think you did. We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.

In our market, image "is". The value of a masterpiece is not based on its cost to create, but what it gives back from its creation. What you feel from the viewing makes it a "Masterpiece". They'll be awed and amazed at the Beauty and Elegance. You'll be awed and amazed at the price.

At Coliseum Cast Stone we design and produce architectural precast- cast stone products for use in both residential and commercial projects of any size. With the ability to supply standard or custom made pieces in either GFRC, Dry cast or Wet cast, our unique cast limestone materials can be molded to almost any shape giving you the opportunity to create or reproduce any stone.

Coliseum Cast Stone, LLC is a full service cast stone company. We can provide help with all phases of your construction needs. Mauricio Guimar√£es, our Master Artisan, can help you with design & layout regarding the style, color and placement of cast stone on your structure. We focus on providing you with the most majestically artistic presentation.

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